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As I finished jotting down the meals I have planned for the week, I noticed a trend… Could it be that somewhere in my subconscious brain, I have a burning desire to see how many times I can write “chick” in a blog post? I hope you like “chick” peas and “chick” en, because they appear to dominate this week’s menu. At least the shopping list will be easy!

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We are regaining a night back this week because our son’s T-ball season has ended… finally! I’ll tell you the whole saga soon. An extra night home means another un-rushed meal, yay! I’m trying to relish these days when the boys are young and our schedules are relatively flexible. NOT looking forward to homework time cutting into our evening dinner/family time. Having a game plan for dinner now will only help that process later– here’s hoping anyway!

As always, I’m focusing on meals that pack in the taste and health benefits with a short prep time. I’m using my meal planning tool to keep myself organized, and make life easier in the long run. Did you get it yet? It’s going out to all of my email subscribers, and I hope it found you!

Okay, here we go:

Sunday: Savory Feta French Toast. I can’t tell you how giddy I am to try out this recipe. My love for breakfast foods, bread, and feta are finally coming together. It’s a beautiful thing.

Monday: Vegan Chickpea Curry. Don’t let the word “vegan” scare you away. Embrace the meatless Mondays trend with a recipe that packs in a protein punch with great flavor.

Tuesday: Greek Chicken Burgers. More feta, yay! (I’m sure it’s optional if you happen to not share my obsession.) One of the reasons I posted this is because I bought a huge container of tzatziki sauce at Costco last week and need to put it on EVERYTHING! This is the night we are reclaiming, so I thought I’d plan an outdoor grill dinner and maybe an evening swim (before something happens to bungle the open night in our schedule).

Wednesday: Hidden Valley Ranch Baked Chicken. No, not a sponsored post. Actually, I’m including this because I recently found a recipe for a DIY Hidden Valley Ranch mix. Who doesn’t like HVR? Who is a little weirded out by all of the fake ingredients? Make your own (easy!) mix and rekindle your love for ranch.

Thursday: Buffalo Chicken Bowls. I’ve been meaning to look up a buffalo chicken recipe since I got my Instant Pot, and am finally doing it. Don’t be scared. I’m posting three recipes here, but it’s not bad. The chicken looks like a breeze, the “bowls” are Chipotle copy-cats, and the make-your-own buffalo sauce is optional.

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The finished product! Amazing buffalo chicken bowls.

Friday: Avocado-Lime Chickpea Salad. Fresh, tangy, insanely easy to put together. Can be an entree salad, or pair with something off the grill. Chicken, anyone? 😉

Saturday: Leftovers, easy/cheat meal, eat out. Your choice– I’m done!

BTW, I finally got around to making the Swedish Meatballs from Week I, and they were amazing! Super easy, and even the picky 3-yo-old ate it. Score! What sort of meal is a winner for your family? Let me know and I’ll include it next time!

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A Literary Feast -- Subscribe here to receive a healthy, easy meal plan in your inbox every week. Included on this week's menu: "chick" peas and "chick" en... chick it out!