Why are you getting meal plans on Wednesdays? Don’t over-think it. I go grocery shopping on Thursdays. Boom. If you do your shopping on the weekend, you’re a step ahead of the game now. This is one of my least favorite things to do. I’ll shop, I’ll cook, I’ll do the dishes, but please don’t make me think about what to cook! Back in the days of B.S. (before Sawyer), I could totally wing it. Two kids in, that just doesn’t work. Can’t breeze into the store on a whim for two ingredients without trucking a baby and a toddler along with me and always spoiling nap time in the process. Enter, the benefits of a meal plan:

  • lowers grocery costs
  • healthier cooking
  • minimizes eating out
  • saves time
  • prevents arguments (What do you want to eat? I don’t know– what do you want to eat?)
  • frees up valuable brain space

In short, a little prep sets up the week for success. Now to translate that knowledge into action… I’ll post the recipe links here, and leave it up to you to pick and choose the meals that work for your family. You can also follow me on Pinterest, where I have boards full of yumminess.

A little about what you’ll find here: We are omnivores. We try to eat with real food and healthy ingredients (at least until the kids go to bed). I like a lot of one-dish meals. If you saw Monday’s post, you know that I’m currently obsessed with the Instant Pot, so you may see a few recipes geared toward that. (Not all!) We eat a fairly consistent diet for breakfasts and lunches, so I’ll focus on supper here. Probably about five per week, leaving two days open for a cheat meal, restaurant, leftovers, etc.

This is going to be rough at first, but if you like it and share it and want more of it, I’ll fine-tune it to a thing of beauty. Maybe add in a printable grocery list, to be all fancy-schmancy. Here we go!

Sunday: eat out (This is our cheat meal. I’m zoned as a zombie by Sunday evenings after working Fri and Sat night shift, so we get out of the house to ignore the holy mess it has morphed into over the weekend. I’m working on building our repertoire of restaurants with free kids’ nights because, gee golly, S1 is starting to EAT. Lord help us when the boys are teenagers. Currently, we’re going to a local Italian restaurant on Sundays, where S1 orders his free mac n’ cheese.)

A Literary Feast -- meal plan

Mmmmmm, carb-loading!

Monday: Swedish Meatballs, à la Ikea. Bonus if you have some lingonberry jam to serve with them. This is an Instant Pot recipe, but would be just as easy making it old-school. I think I’m going to make my own meatballs, too. Maybe using this recipe?

Tuesday: A couscous salad I saw on Paula Deen’s show. No, really. She made something healthy. And it’s one of my favorite salads ever. You can use it as a full meal or a side dish, and it makes a lot, so you can eat it with another meal, too. I’m making mine with quinoa this time because, Instant Pot.

Wednesday: Homemade Beefaroni, as seen in Rory’s Celebration Meal.

Thursday: Baked Artichoke Chicken, as seen on The Chew. LOVE this meal. Amazing taste, and so easy! Don’t you DARE sub in boneless, skinless chicken breasts, you kitchen heretic. I will not be held responsible for the taste result!

Friday: Cucumber and Bacon Sandwiches, like Zelda Fitzgerald used to eat. Okay, I added the bacon (you can, too– just cook up some bacon to a crisp, crumble it up, and add it to the mix). QE2 may sneer, but it takes the tea-time classic to the next level. This meal is a lightweight, but maybe you can serve it with your leftover couscous salad. Or, if your spring has suddenly turned into summer like mine in Texas, these are great to munch on by the pool. 🙂

Saturday: Quick meal, cheat meal, leftovers, you choose! I’m at work, so you’re on your own for this one.

Hope this helps! Don’t forget to subscribe at the bottom of the page to get each week’s meal plan in your inbox. I won’t spam you, promise!

Your reluctant cook,