I’ve always been great at deadlines. I don’t like being late for work, dinners, or assignments. This one is cutting it close, though! The year is drawing to a close. Most of you have finished your December reading challenge and have been patiently asking, “What’s next?”

Well, here you go. I have spent countless hours awake at night, tossing and turning, agonizing over the perfect reading prompt to enrich our lives each month in 2019.

To those of you just discovering the Literary Feast Reading Challenge, welcome! A quick introduction: this is a no-pressure, very laid-back challenge. Each month you’ll have one book to read. The topics are listed, but the choice of the book is yours to make.

You can complete this challenge on your own, with your own book club or group of friends, or you can join our Literary Feast Reading Challenge Facebook group. What do we do in the group? It’s a lovely community of readers. We share what we are reading each month, ask each other for recommendations, discuss the books we are reading, and generally bask in the love of reading. Click on this link to join us!

Want to know what we read last year? Check out this post.

As you may have already read, 2018 was a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year for me. Looking ahead to 2019, I used the lessons I’ve learned to push us onward and upward. Many of the topics lend themselves to positivity, self-reflection, and growth. I hope you enjoy them!

The 2019 Reading Challenge

(click here to download or print the list)

January: a book about a topic you want to know more about, or a hobby you want to pursue

New Year’s is all about resolutions, right? Think ahead. What are your passions? What do you wish you could pursue more of? It’s a great time to plan for more of the things that put light in our eyes. Pick a book to start learning more and then put it into action this year!

February: a love story

Well, why not? 🙂 Make it as sweet or as salacious as you choose. Maybe try a type of love story or romance that you haven’t read before.

March: a travel memoir

Oh, I don’t know what it is about spring, but it’s when I start getting the travel bug bad. Escape to parts unknown through the eyes of someone who’s been there.

April: a book that you purchased more than a year ago and haven’t yet read

Spring cleaning time, my friends! Why don’t you go ahead and organize your bookshelves (you know how much you love to do that). While you are dusting and organizing by color, genre, or the DDS (idk what floats your boat), pick out a book that has just been waiting… and waiting.

(If you are a freak of reading nature who doesn’t have a single book that fits this category, ask a friend. I’m sure he or she can offer you some options.)

May: a book by or about someone who completely fascinates you

It’s hero time! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Well, I guess we wouldn’t want to emulate some people who fascinate us, but the direction of this prompt is up to you. I chose this category because of my increasing desire to discover exactly what my passions are, and to continue to become the best version of myself. I hope this helps you along that path, too.

June: a book by an author who shares your last name

June is my birth month, so I always try to make it a little bit about me, haha. If you truly can’t find an author who has your last name, I suppose you can use your first name… but I don’t believe you. 🙂

July: a book that is being made into a movie in 2019

We flipped this around last year and read a book that we had already seen the movie adaptation of, but that was pretty difficult. Most readers prefer it the other way around. Let’s right the world and read the book first.

August: a coming of age book

Ah, the dog days of summer! I just love books and films about kids in the summertime– The Sandlot, Stand By Me, The Goonies… the character development is so strong and so innocent. Your book doesn’t have to take place in the summer, but when I was thinking of coming of age stories, it surprised me how many of them are set during that time.

September: a book that enhances your vocation

Even though almost every school in the country now starts the year in August, I will forever think of September as back-to-school time. It’s time to learn! To send each other bouquets of sharpened pencils! And notice that this prompt says “vocation,” not “career.” It could be your career. But whether you are a stay at home mom, the CEO of a company, or folding jeans at the Gap, think about what your life calling is, and pick a book to get better at it. 

October: a book that gives you goosebumps

As my two-year-old says, “it too spooky!” We are not all fans of the horror genre. So, no shade here. Pick anything from L.M. Montgomery’s Among the Shadows: Tales from the Darker Side to the goriest of Stephen King’s prose. Whatever it takes to get a delicious chill up your spine.

November: a book where an animal is the main character

I’m not going to lie– I have no idea why I chose this category. But it will be fun to see what titles you come up with.

December: a book about illness, death, or grieving

I realize that this might seem an odd category at the time of our major holidays. But there is much to be said here. I work in labor & delivery, and it never fails that there seem to be more stillbirths and miscarriages in December than any other month. I don’t know why or even if statistics support that, but that’s how it feels. There are so many people who have a hard time handling the holidays and struggle with memories, being alone, and depression. The year itself is almost dead and gone. I felt that it would do us good to remember that side of things and be the light for our neighbors.

Well, great. I’ve already added so many books to my TBR list just from researching some recommendations for these categories!

I feel that it’s going to be a great reading year. Join me!


The Literary Feast 2019 Reading Challenge

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