*This contest has ended, but the coupon is still available! Use promo code GilmoreGirls20 in the shop to take 20% off your order, before taxes and shipping. Enjoy!*

We are just rolling in giveaways these days! I have a fun one for you today. A little while ago, I came across an Etsy shop through one of the Gilmore Girls Facebook groups I’m in. (I know, I know– I’m a fanatic.) Alana Mann is her name– she has some super cute Gilmore Girls inspired merchandise, and she graciously sent me some to review. I FREAKIN’ LOVE MY JOB! Not only that, but she is offering some of her awesome products as a contest, PLUS a coupon for her shop. Read on to learn about what you can win!

I was thrilled to open my mailbox one day last week and find these three cloth zippered pouches, each in a different fabric inspired by my favorite show! One has familiar scenes and buildings from Stars Hollow: Lorelai’s house, the famous Stars Hollow sign, the gazebo, Luke’s diner, Doose’s Market, and many more! The second fabric highlights famous signs of Stars Hollow: Weston’s Bakery, the Dragonfly Inn, No Cell Phones… and even some fun town events like The Old Muddy River Bridge Knitathon. I think it’s my favorite, but so hard to choose! The third is right up Rory’s alley: books, books, and more books. I’m not positive that these are all from the Rory Gilmore Book Challenge (all of the books referenced in the show), but I recognize many of the titles from that list. 

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On to the quality. I can speak to this a little because I sew (or, rather, I did sew in a former life before kids). These handmade pouches are fully lined– no loose threads or open seams– and the zippers are inserted beautifully. Gosh, I hate sewing zippers, but she makes it look easy. I did not receive care instructions with them, but as they appear to be a cotton or cotton/poly blend, I am positive that you can simply throw them in the wash if they need to be cleaned. In short, superior quality. 

What to use them for? I received mine at a serendipitous time because I just jumped on the planner bandwagon and bought my first Happy Planner! And it really does make me so happy! 🙂 I’m already using these pouches to organize my post-it notes, stickers, washi tape, pens, and (3) highlighters.

Lorelai: You need three highlighters?
Rory: Yes.
Lorelai: Three?
Rory: Yes.
Lorelai: That’s a very random number.
Rory: Three is not a random number.
Lorelai: I mean, how did you get to the number three?
Rory: One dries up, one gets lost, I have one left.
Lorelai: You’ve really thought this out.
Rory: Yes, I

This pouch size is perfect for all of those office/school/planner supplies. I can also see them used for makeup bags, travel bags for toiletries, even reuseable lunch bags, if you are going green. The possibilities are endless. 

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A little about the creator, Alana. She started her Etsy shop when she was a SAHM, but since then, she and her husband have switched roles. She’s now a full-time working mom who is keeping up her Etsy shop to supplement their income and make it possible that one of them is always at home with their children. I totally relate to that. My husband and I switch off work schedules, too, and every bit of side income I can make helps out the budget. She’s also an avid Gilmore Girls fan and (as pictured) can find the cutest fabrics to work with!

Okay, so maybe you are not a Gilmore Girls fan. WHAT? BUT WHY? Read my posts here, here, and here, and maybe I can convince you. Despite this mortal flaw, we have something for you, too. Alana is offering a special discount to anyone who picks up the coupon through this post. Check out her shop! She doesn’t just have Gilmore Girls merchandise. I saw Supernatural, GoT, Harry Potter(!), Doctor Who, and more. There are pouches in many sizes, including wristlets and keychains. Seriously, check it out. All are very reasonably priced and you’ll have a hard time choosing. 

Again, for the prize package, the winner will receive three zippered cloth pouches, approx 5″ high by 8″ wide, in the fabrics pictured (a $20 value). The coupon is yours to use immediately, and it’s good for any purchase in her Etsy shop, no expiration date. If you’ve done any of my giveaways before, you’ll know that the process is easy. Simply enter your email address, and you are IN. You can increase your chances of winning by sharing your unique link. Every time someone enters the giveaway through your link, you earn 10 extra entries, no limits! I like to put it in your hands so that the odds of you winning are about 25% chance and 75% your effort. (I’m not a numbers person. I totally made up that statistic. The gist of it is true, though!)

Stop talking and take me to the contest!

You’ve got it! Just click that link or any photo in this post and you’ll be taken to the contest. (By the way, I’m not requiring you to enter the contest in order to get the coupon. If you want the discount without entering the contest. just comment below or email me at grace@aliteraryfeast.com and I’ll send it to you right away!) 

Act now and start sharing! The contest ends at 11:59PM CST on Sunday, August 13th, 2017, and I’ll announce the winner on Monday the 14th. 

While you are waiting for the contest results, start browsing Alana’s shop, BeLovelyBeYou. It’s never too early for Christmas shopping!

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