Author: Grace Godwin

Mi Abuelita’s Spanish Rice

At the 2017 Texas Book Festival, I had the privilege of interviewing TV new anchor turned author Olga Campos Benz about her debut novel It’s News to Me. In this fast-paced book, Olga takes us from the newsroom, to on-the-scene reporting, to the humble Houston neighborhoods of her childhood. These neighborhoods are filled with kids playing in the streets, mothers and grandmothers in doorways with dishtowels in their hands, and scrumptious smells coming from every kitchen. During our Q&A, I told Olga that I typically cook a meal from the books I review and asked her if there was...

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The Vanderbeekers of 141st Street and Author Q&A

I went to a tiny private school, and my school library was the size of a Starbucks. I owned it. I was familiar with every book on every shelf, and my reading record can be traced by the names on each book’s library borrowing card, slipped into its manilla sleeve. You’ll know my favorites because my name is listed over and over again. I have fond memories especially of late elementary and middle school and the books I loved: the Nancy Drew series, Fifteen and The Luckiest Girl by Beverly Cleary, Sixth Grade Can Really Kill You, The Babysitters’ Club, anything...

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Best Gifts for the Reader in Your Life

Next on your list is the person who’s so easy to shop for, yet so hard. They love reading! Books are everywhere! But, wait. Has she read this book yet? Is this one he would even enjoy reading? Suddenly, there are too many choices. Never fear. Readers can be fun people to shop for, and I’ve got some great suggestions for you right here.  1. Literary subscription boxes For the person who everything, subscription boxes can be a wonderful gift. (As Cousin Eddie says in one of my favorite movies, Christmas Vacation, “Clark, that’s the gift that keeps on...

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Sourdough Book Review and Hog Island Grilled Cheese

Hi, I’m Megan, stopping by from my own literary-food blog, The Hungry Bookworm, to share a post with you today. I was so excited to stumble upon Grace’s blog recently, and when we got to chatting, I was even more excited to find someone I could call a kindred spirit. We decided to do some guest posting, to bring a different viewpoint to our readers, but on the same wonderful topics of food and books (and occasionally, Gilmore Girls). Thank you so much to Grace for letting me share a typical post with you. As you’ll see, I usually...

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My Cousin Rachel — Book Review and Easy Cornish Pasties

The setting: a gloomy, old estate in Cornwall, England, full of dark rooms and stodgy bachelors. The title character: a mysterious woman who arrives suddenly, her only companion a trunkful of rumors. The mystery: Did she do it? Or is she gravely misunderstood? The twists: early deaths, cryptic letters, poison, accidents, a hanging. Even if you can’t pinpoint the elements that define it, the Gothic feel of My Cousin Rachel will draw you in immediately. Our narrator is Philip, young heir to the Ashley estate and deliciously unreliable in his narration. How are we to determine motive and action...

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