Author: Grace Godwin

An Honest Review of the Kindle Oasis

On the fence about buying the new Kindle Oasis? I’ve been testing it out, and I’m here with an honest pro/con list so you can make the best decision for your reading habits. Just want the down and dirty? Scroll to the end! The E-reader Debate Like many other diehard (read “older“) readers, I was late to the e-reader game. It seemed a betrayal, a blatant thumbing the nose to my closest friends since childhood. How could I depart from my beloved paper books? The texture, the weight, the smell… especially the smell. I’m pretty much this way with...

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January’s Choice– The 2018 Reading Challenge

Whenever the New Year rolls around and people start talking resolutions, I always tend to think about my age and the passing of time in general. It’s for that reason that I decided on our first month’s reading challenge: read a book that was published the year you were born. This is a search I had never done before and had absolutely no idea what would turn up. Yes, I know that if you participate in this month’s challenge, you’ll have to give up your age. So will I. Here goes. I was born in 1978. And? Nothing. Age...

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The 2018 Reading Challenge

The Literary Feast 2018 Reading Challenge is here!¬† Confession: I like to pin and save pretty reading challenge graphics, like this extensive one by POPSUGAR, but I never go back to them. Never have I ever completed one of those fun categorical challenges. Perhaps it’s a fear of commitment. I couldn’t tell you my Myers-Briggs or Enneagram types, although I do find them interesting. I can tell you, however, that I am an introvert. One of my favorite articles about introverts was penned by Jonathan Rauch for the Atlantic, titled¬†“Caring for Your Introvert.” It describes us perfectly. Introverts have...

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I Am Watching You: Book Review with a Slice of Budapest

Greetings from Budapest! My husband and I are thrilled to be here for two whole weeks on holiday. Let me tell you– Budapest is a mecca for two of my favorite things: books and coffee. Very shortly, I’ll be telling you all about it in a literary tour of the city. For the moment, here’s a little detour. A few nights into our stay, I was on the Metro by myself. Being the savvy traveler that I am, I only had a small cross-body bag with me to deter any potential Dodgers. The downside of this is that it...

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It’s News to Me: Book Review and Author Q&A

Have you ever wondered what it’s like behind the scenes of a busy television news station? The frenetic pace, the scoops, the glamour, the wardrobe, the makeup, the lights… right? Right? Maybe not so much. In her debut novel It’s News to Me, Olga Campos Benz, TV news anchor with over 30 years experience, throws the curtain back to reveal the man behind the wizard. Take a look at what she exposes…. Her protagonist, Marissa, wants to expose some things of her own. Namely, the fact that although she’s a beautiful Latina reporter, she is more than capable of...

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