Author: Grace Godwin

Post-Apocalyptic Dining in Station Eleven

Preface: Although I have intended to utilize this blog to discuss the role of food in any book I read, and not limit it to literature where food plays a more dominant role, let it be stated that post-apocalyptic books may not be the best place to look for meal plans in a modern world. Not typically drawn to the post-apocalyptic /dystopian genre, I was skeptical about reading Station Eleven. Every Facebook quiz I have taken on surviving an apocalypse has clocked me at an approximately 90 minute lifespan. Hunter and fighter I am not. The synopsis did not inspire me: a traveling symphony, attempting to revive culture in a barren post-apocalyptic world. Meh. The one thing going for it, in my opinion, was the glowing front cover recommendation by Erin Morgenstern. My thoughts were that if this book contains just a smidgen of the magic of The Night Circus, it’s worth a read. Marketing wins again! I am so glad that I gave it a chance. Like the magical worlds in The Night Circus, life on earth in Station Eleven is held together by gossamer-thin threads. Some only survive. Others, like the curator, the librarian, and the Symphony, realize that survival is not enough. In fact, the Traveling Symphony has these very words emblazoned on the side of their caravan: “Because survival is insufficient,” a line they have pulled from the show...

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Call Me Zelda: Book Review and Literary Meal

“The ward was never the same after that February afternoon when Zelda Fitzgerald stumbled into the psychiatric clinic with a stack of papers clutched to her chest, eyes darting this way and that, at once pushing from and pulling toward her husband like a spinning magnet.” (3) What a hook! I must preface this post with the caveat that going into this book, the knowledge I had about Zelda Fitzgerald originated almost solely from the movie Midnight in Paris. I knew she was a vibrant, quirky flapper, held a shared animosity with Ernest Hemingway, and was married to F. Scott...

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Food in Literature

“Of course reading and thinking are important but, my God, food is important too.” ― Iris Murdoch, The Sea, the Sea On days where I would much rather read than slice three more strawberries for Chompers, I have a fantasy that some brainy scientist would finally develop a pill that we could take once a day, providing all of the nutritional intake necessary for life and health. My guess is that it would wreak havoc on global economics. But what would it do socially? Humans thrive physically, mentally, emotionally, and interpersonally on food. When was the last time a friend texted you...

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Gilmore Girls Reunion in ATX June 2015

This is my account of the Gilmore Girls reunion in Austin, TX in June of 2015. If you’d like to hear my account of the inaugural Gilmore Girls Fan Fest in Washington Depot, CT, click here. Stars Hollow Meets ATX The Backstory: In June of 2015, Austin turned into a hotter than hell Stars Hollow, and I’m itching to tell my story of that magical time. I came to Gilmore girls late– 4 seasons into the game– but quickly became one of its most ardent fans. That story has to wait for another time. Imagine my awe and excitement, then, when...

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