As I may have mentioned in passing gloated about  in my last post, I’m alone in my home ALL WEEK LONG! Three days in, and obviously the excitement hasn’t worn off yet. I’ve been chronicling my adventures and misadventures on my Facebook page. (I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea, although I don’t think anyone has. Just call this my disclosure paragraph. I love my husband and boys with my whole being! It’s my greatest joy being a wife to Matt and a mommy to Sawyer and Spencer. How many times, unless you live alone, do we as adults get long amounts of time to ourselves, though? To rediscover who we are and what our true priorities and passions are? Not many, right? I fully appreciate this fact and plan to make the most of it, allowing me to be an even better person– and therefore better wife and mother, friend, worker, etc.)

Diary of a Momcation, Day 1 talked about my reverse nesting rush of frenetic house-cleaning and my guilty/not guilty grocery shopping trip.

Momcation Day 2 was a big hit, as it included my group selfie with Milo Ventimiglia (!!). Check this post for the original photo. The pic you’re seeing on this post is a behind-the-scenes shot that my friend Jennie took. (She didn’t even know I was there until after she took it, ha ha!) Look at how prim and proper I am with my arm at my side. I didn’t even grab his butt. 😀

Momcation Day 3 lauded that elusive dream of every parent of young children. SLEEP.

And now, here’s Diary of a Momcation, Day 4:

I’m pretty sure that one of the major side effects of parenthood is the chronic killing of brain cells. I really should have bought that T-shirt that said, “I’m losing my mind, one kid at a time.” Maybe the next late night impulse buy.

Last night got kind of busy at work, so I hit my pillow as soon as I got home, not getting up until about 2pm. I had made plans to meet someone at the San Marcos outlet malls this afternoon to sell one of the items left over from my hot mess of a yard sale. Yesterday, I went out to the garage to get it…. and it wasn’t there. Horrified, I realized that I must have included it in the truckload of donations that day and absentmindedly posted it on FB Marketplace from the photos in my phone. How embarrassing! I messaged her and sincerely apologized. She’s a parent– she gets it, right? We’re all at the mercy of the crazy our kids have caused us. Well, I never received a response, so maybe she’s one of the lucky ones who maintained her sanity. Or a sanctimommy (shudder).

I had already decided to combine the trip with other errands, so off I went. If you’ve never been to the outlet malls in San Marcos, TX, you are missing out. Buses full of people come in from Mexico every day just to shop at these stores, not kidding. Now, I’ve always been a fan of outlets. But, these! They are a city unto themselves, complete with an uptown and the ghetto, separated by a street (or the railroad tracks, if you prefer an analogy). The uptown side has the likes of Prada, Gucci, Neiman Marcus, Saks, etc. I went into the Burberry store once because I love the plaid, and almost passed out. $800 for an umbrella. IN TEXAS! The ghetto side has stores for us reg’lar folk, like Old Navy, Shoe Carnival, and Banana Republic. If you’ve seen how I dress (or my bank account), you can imagine which side I frequent most. Not that I shop much these days. That’s what made today so much fun! I bought a sundress and some shorts at NY and Co. and called it a day before I went too crazy with the shopping fever in the 90 degree heat.

A Literary Feast -- Diary of a Momcation, San Marcos, TX, outlet mall, clothes shopping

Then off to a more familiar location, Half Price Books, to sell some books. You know those HUGE Costco reuseable bags? No? The ones that can hold 20lbs of chicken, 4 cases of canned veggies, three mega boxes of cereal, and printer ink to last a year– those bags? Well, I filled two of those to capacity with books that we decided to part with. Probably 50 lbs each. Today’s workout? NAILED IT. They make you stay in the store while they assess and price your books to make an offer. That’s smart marketing right there. Tonight was particularly busy at the book selling counter, and I waited over an hour for them to price my books. As per my usual, I received almost enough money to cover the new purchases I collected while browsing the store during the wait time. Half Price Books and I have a very symbiotic relationship.

Home now to a couple of cats who are growing increasingly concerned about the lack of noise in the house. I’m feeding them, I promise! I’m on call for a few hours at work tonight, so I’m sure to stay up late. There’s nothing worse than being awakened out of a dead sleep to go to work at a moment’s notice. I don’t know how doctors do it.

After that, I have FIVE FREE DAYS ahead of me. How will I spend them? I just can’t make up my mind! Follow the rest of the journey here. For right now, I’m about to watch the season finale of This is Us. I think I may need someone to hold my hand.